We have received so many wonderful testimonials from satisfied users that we couldn’t fit all of them on our main page.

Remember, results vary. High Blood Sugar has many causes and not everyone will see results. Our testimonials are from real customers who saw results but your results can vary depending on many different factors.

"I feel much better"

“I started GlucoRemedy a few weeks ago and I have to say, I feel great. My numbers are going lower and lower and I have a lot more energy. Thanks for a great product.”

Barbara Brown - Irvine California

"My doctor was very pleased"

“I have a great doctor and he has done everything he can to help me lower my readings and get my diabetes under control. He has been very supportive of all of the things I have tried and always says to me if it helps me, he’s all for it. I saw an advertisement for your product in the newspaper and ordered a 3 month supply. After about a month and half I started to see some significant differences in my blood sugar readings in the morning and at night.

My doctor and I compared my current readings with my readings over the past few months and there was an even bigger improvement then I realized. On average my readings are a full 20-40 points lower then they where.

Needless to say my doctor said, I think we found a winner!”

Jack Newcomb - Cleveland Ohio

"Really Great Results"

“Living with diabetes has been a difficult transition. Watching what I eat, trying to exercise regularly and taking my medications as prescribed. Yet, I have done nothing but get worse year after year. I finally decided to look outside my doctors advice and began searching online for things that might help.

I found GlucoRemedy and as advertised, my blood sugar began to come down. I incorporated the eating changes you recommended and the combination has been nothing more than spectacular. Finally my numbers are moving in the right direction and for the first time in a long time I am very hopeful that I can get this under control. ”

Sylvia Mitchell, Racine Wisconsin

"Best Follow Up Yet"

“I found GlucoRemedy online and started using it about ten weeks
ago. To my amazement, 10 days after starting it, I noticed extreme improvement of my morning blood sugar reading. I had been feeling really discouraged and my doctor wasn’t very helpful.” He always just gave me a lecture about needing to lose weight and getting serious about my numbers. What he didn’t know was that I was starving myself and doing everything I could to lose weight, but nothing worked. I felt like a child every time I went in there. I just had my check up and he was amazed, I have lost 12 pounds and my A1c was down from 7.8 to 6.5. I haven’t had that kind of improvement ever. Thanks you for a great product and your dedication to helping people naturally.”

Brian Lynn, Sioux Falls South Dakota

"I’ve replaced 10 supplements"

“I got so discouraged when I would go to my endocrinologist and come out feeling like I was only getting worse. Your product is wonderful. I am happy to say my blood sugar has gone down over 35 points. I love this product, before I was buying 8-10 different supplements and now I just take yours.”

Pat Mullins - Reno Nevada

"After Being a Diabetic For 25 Years I Now Have Hope"

“I have suffered with Diabetes for twenty five years now and thought that I
would succumb to one of it’s many complications.

I have been taking your product for 3 months now and have seen a tremendous improvement in my morning blood sugar. I recently had my 3 month check up at my endocrinologists office and my A1c has gone from 8.2 to 6.8 in just 3 months.

The only change I made was taking GlucoRemedy as recommended and making the dietary changes outlined in your free guide. I am a believer.

THANK YOU for helping me.”

Paul Pruitt - Gulfport Mississippu

"I’ve experienced very good results"

“I’ve experienced very good results which, although took some time to start, have become very good over the last few weeks. My numbers seem to get better and better the longer I have been on the supplement”

Michael Rose, Tyler Texas

"Even My Neuropathy Has Improved"

“As a diabetic I have had to deal with many of the common complications that come with it. Neuropathy by far has been the most difficult. I started on GlucoRemedy about 4 months ago and not only has my blood sugar come down considerably but my neuropathy pain has subsided significantly. Before my neuropathy pain was easily an 8/10 with burning, numbness and pins and needles. Now I hardly feel it and I am off the neuropathy medication.

My doctor has been very impressed with my turnaround and when he found out it was a new supplement I was taking he didn’t believe it. I guess it doesn’t really matter, what he thinks all I know is that I am much much better then I was.”

Lance Simmons , Clarksville Tennessee

"Medications Cut In Half"

“I have just finished a 6 month supply of GlucoRemedy and have had nothing less than miraculous results. When I started taking it my numbers where drifting slowly upward. My doctor threatened insulin but I was committed doing whatever I could to keep that from happening. After 3 months and another doctors appointment I was pleased that my numbers had come down, not to the point of reducing medications but they where much better. After another 3 months and my most recent doctors visit I am happy to say that my doctor not only didn’t recommend insulin he cut my metformin in half.”

Janet Dickerson - Newport News, Virginia

"Great Results"

“Due to my psoriatic arthritis I am routinely put on prednisone. As a consequence I have developed prediabetes and was moving towards becoming a full blown diabetic. I was convinced that another round or 2 of steroids would push me over the edge.

I began doing research online to see if there where things I could take to help lower my blood sugar and protect me from becoming diabetic. After finding several ingredients that looked promising I realized I would be spending 300 or more per month on the array of supplements I was going to be taking. That’s when a simple Google search led me to your product and to my amazement your product had everything on my list and more and it was a fraction of the cost.

The good news is that I have been able to keep my blood sugar below the diabetic threshold and don’t foresee myself becoming diabetic anytime soon.”

Gary Wilson- Clarksville Tennessee